• Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean guide Fuerteventura gives you the opportunity to have a surf session with a local surfer, that will bring you to explore the best surf spots for the day according to your surfing level.

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  • Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video shooting Fuerteventura is a service made by professionals, that will make great videos of you doing your favourite sport, or of your business, in order to get more visibility.

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  • Apartments in Fuerteventura

    Apartments in Fuerteventura

    With our partners websites we manage some hotels, private Apartments in Fuerteventura and surf house.

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  • Cleaning


    Our contact with cleaners and workers can arrange each type of cleaning or reforming for your surfschool, surfhouse or shop.

    Dont exitate to contact us for an apointment.

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    Submit your school

    Please feel free to contact us to submit your school. Please send your Logo and all school detail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us for an appointment.

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Fuerteventura Surf School

Welcome to Fuerteventura surf school the firts surf school directory of Fuerteventura! Your surf school guide!

Here you will find only the best surf schools experiences, each one providing safe learning environments, high quality equipment and professional coaching for any age and level of experience.

Are you a surf school? Contact us to insert your school in the list.

7 Island Surf 7 Island Surf

"Join us here in Fuerteventura where we are blessed with year round sunshine and waves. Specifically tailored surfing courses to suit all levels of ability. Whether you have never been on a surfboard before, or just need some tips to improve, our dedicated and experienced team will provide you with a perfect opportunity to enjoy surfing in a unique Canarian Surfers Paradise. At 7 Island Surf we believe that safety comes first, our professional and dedicated team are all qualified RLSS Beach lifeguards who hold advanced first aid qualifications and ISA surf coach awards. All have a wealth of teaching and coaching experience, which we perform to the highest standards. One other thing we find very important: Our instructors DON´T sit on the beach watching you, they go in the water with you to give you the safest and best tuition possible !!!" content taken from 7 Island Surf surf school official website.

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Aloha Surf Academy Aloha Surf Academy

"Our surf school & surf camp is located in the North of the Island of Fuerteventura, in Corralejo. We are a surfer family (Ohana) at your disposal to make sure you spend an unforgettable holiday in Fuerteventura. Get in touch with us, Sophie will organise your surf holiday “a la carte”, and Alex will give you your surf lesson for 100% success in your training. We invite you to join our Ohana; we surf together, in small groups, in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. We look forward meeting you!" content taken from Aloha Surf Academy surf school official website.

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Amanay Surf School Amanay Surf School

"The lessons are provided by qualified instructors with their respective official certifications. They will train you and give advice to you, so you are well informed about choosing materials properly and the conditions of the different spots in case you want to surf by yourself.

Lessons are offered every day of the year, always seeking the best conditions of the day and tailoring them to your level needs in order for you to make progress in a fast, enjoyable and safe way. That is the reason why we chose to locate the school in the best Fuerteventura’s beaches to learn how to surf. These beaches will help you make progress and put into practice the basic surfing fundamentals in a much faster way than any other beach of the island, since the characteristics of this spots are the best ones to keep improving and have fun; this way you will enjoy a greater quality session. This is the reason why we always go to the famous beaches of the Natural Park  Las Dunas de Corralejo or El Cotillo." content taken from Amanay Surf School surf school official website.

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Billabong Surf Camp Billabong Surf Camp

"Sunshine, consistent waves, a great variety of surf spots. Our friendly, experienced staff will provide you with all the help and info you need, to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. With resident surf instructors you will be in good hands. We strive to provide you with good times, great waves and lasting memories that will have you coming back for more!

We offer professional lessons for adults (+16) with experienced, multilingual instructors and quality materials.

Join our unique place, meet travelers from all over the world, experience the passion of surfing, stay with us in our Camp, popular for it´s good vibrations and familiar atmosphere!" content taken from Billabong Surf Camp surf school official website.

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Corralejo Surf School Corralejo Surf School

"We will teach you how to surf and everything about the surfing world, so that our students can then surf independently.

The conditions vary from one beach to another, depending on the tides, breakers and we will teach you to understand the sea in all its dimensions and complexity, to surf around the world with guarantees.

We teach to understand the sea (currents, wave formation, different types of breakers … etc.), And to love and respect the surrounding environment and nature.

You will learn stretching, breathing warm-ups and before entering the water.

You will learn all the safety rules, to enjoy from start to stop, but with confidence." content taken from Corralejo Surf School surf school official website.

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Flag Beach Flag Beach

"What makes us stand out from the other schools is effective communication in 5 languages, patience, friendly atmosphere and a safe learning environment. Each of us has a different specialization including freeride, freestyle, new school, wave riding and racing. We teach in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French" content taken from Flag Beach surf school official website.

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"Imagine someone catching waves in crystal clear turquoise waters on endless white sandy beaches. This someone could be you! In our surf course Fuerteventura there is no bad season - just fun and active leisure time at any season of the year! No age restrictions – both young and old can enjoy surfing alike. We're here to invite advanced surfers to improve their surfing skills as well and find new, better and more interesting waves. During the surf course fuerteventura you will acquire the basics of surfing theory; a lot of practical activities will be arranged for you." content taken from FSCH - FUERTEVENTURA SURF SCHOOL official website.

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Homegrown Homegrown

"This is the best part of the island to surf. The Homegrown Shop and surf school with surf camp was founded in 1995. Fuerteventura is blessed with good weather and consistent waves all year round, so you can book your holiday whenever you want. Fuerte has the longest beaches of the Canary Islands, but with the lowest population density. Only a small straight separates Fuerteventura from the African continent." content taken from Homegrown surf school official website.

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International Surf School International Surf School

"10 facts about Fuerteventura : 1. Fuerteventura is the second largest place after the prestigious resort of Tenerife in Canary Island archipelago. 2. The island is situated only in 90 km from the coast of Africa “Morocco”. 3. The coastline of Fuerteventura is about 340 km, mostly it's the cleanest beaches of white sand. 4. One of the unique features of the Island is the wind that blows constantly and you can surf all year round. 5. The water on the coast of the Island is always warm and even in winter its temperature is about +18 ° -20 ° C. 6. Puerto Rosario is an administrative center of the island (Port of Roses), until 1956 called Puerto de Cabras ( Goat Port ). 7. Islanders decorate their car bumpers and almost every second car has bumper with the image of goat with inscription «Fuerte». 8. " Elneso - Makerere " - a goat cheese of local production, practically, is considered one of the symbols of the island. 9. One of the beaches in the south of Fuerteventura was shown in the famous movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." 10. The Island has one of the biggest cacti parks in the world, which collected more than 2,300 varieties of this " friendly " plants." content taken from International Surf School surf school official website.

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Island Boarders Island Boarders

"At the beach the group is arranged into a semi circle where they will undergo a surfing specific warm up and safety brief, where all students are made aware of the lesson plan, dangers and all the signals/commands used by the instructors. On the beach all parties are then introduced to the prone section of the lesson, where they will be instructed on how to enter the water safely and ride waves from waist depth whilst lying down on the surfboard into the shore. This is followed by the "drop knee" position before attempting to stand and ride a wave. At all times you will be made aware of all the coaches signals, directions and encouraged to ask questions if you are not sure about anything, your enjoyment, care and safety is our main concern At the end of the session you will be dropped off at the hotel/ apartment after you have had a chance to review pictures/ videos that have been made of the days surfing" content taken from Island Boarders surf school official website.

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Joyas Surf School Joyas Surf School

"Thanks to our 4x4 vehicles and our experience we choose the best spot, depending on weather conditions and technical level of the participants. All used material is top quality and always provided by the school. We have specific courses for children starting at 7 years. Families / Groups are welcome. Come to share our passion and enjoy wonderful moments safely, with true professionals. See you in the water. Courses in Spanish, French, English and Dutch. In our shop we have a stock of 200 boards. We repair / make custom boards ( 25 years of experience ) and rent quality boards. There is also a selection of surfing gear : board bags, leashes, fins, wax, …" content taken from Joyas Surf School surf school official website.

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K Lima Surf School K Lima Surf School

"Welcome to K-lima surf school! Our surf school offers professional help for beginner surfers, with qualified instructors, adequate and well-maintained equipment for all age and weight groups, and perfect knowledge of education and training.
The surf lessons are with us in small groups of max. 4 pers. (if desired also 6-8 pers.) held, so that learning can be customized.
If they want to find surfing or have a fascinating insight into the surfing world, they can inform us at any time at the surf shop.
" content taken from K Lima Surf School surf school official website.

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Kailua Surf School Kailua Surf School

"Established by ourselves, surf school “Kailua”, with professionally qualified teaching experience, stands out from the crowd with attention to every client, either small groups or individual work and provides very good results and also it's official school of the FCS (Federación Canaria de Surf) and FES (Federación Española de Surf)." content taken from Kailua Surf School surf school official website.

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Kohola Surf School Kohola Surf School

"Wave quality depends on wind and swell directions, tides, the size of the waves, and at the end it depends on the potential crowd factor. Your instructor will take care to avoid crowds and find ideal conditions to catch your first waves. Corralejo and it’s surroundings is the best region for surfing on Fuerteventura, and due to the large number of surf spots, every day your surf instructor will find one that suits to your abilities." content taken from Kohola Surf School surf school official website.

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La Caleta La Caleta

First you will learn some general facts about the ocean, tides, swells, currents and waves. Just a short overview which is important for your understanding of surfing. Second, we will show you the right position on the board and paddeling technique.

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