• Photo Shooting Fuerteventura

    Photo Shooting Fuerteventura

    Hire a professional photografer to catch the best moments of your adventure!

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  • Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video shooting Fuerteventura is a service made by professionals, that will make great videos of you doing your favourite sport, or of your business, in order to get more visibility.

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  • Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean guide Fuerteventura gives you the opportunity to have a surf session with a local surfer, that will bring you to explore the best surf spots for the day according to your surfing level.

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  • Submit your school

    Submit your school

    Please feel free to contact us to submit your school.

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  • Apartments in Fuerteventura

    Apartments in Fuerteventura

    With our partners websites corralejocheapaccomodations big we manage some hotels, private Apartments in Fuerteventura and surf house.

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Companies starting with C

Corralejo Surf School

Corralejo Surf School

"We will teach you how to surf and everything about the surfing world, so that our students can then surf independently.
The conditions vary from one beach to another, depending on the tides, breakers and we will teach you to understand the sea in all its dimensions and complexity, to surf around the world with guarantees.
We teach to understand the sea (currents, wave formation, different types of breakers … etc.), And to love and respect the surrounding environment and nature.
You will learn stretching, breathing warm-ups and before entering the water.
You will learn all the safety rules, to enjoy from start to stop, but with confidence."content taken from Corralejo Surf School surf school official website.