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    Please feel free to contact us to submit your school. Please send your Logo and all school detail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us for an appointment.

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  • Apartments in Fuerteventura

    Apartments in Fuerteventura

    With our partners websites we manage some hotels, private Apartments in Fuerteventura and surf house.

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    Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean guide Fuerteventura gives you the opportunity to have a surf session with a local surfer, that will bring you to explore the best surf spots for the day according to your surfing level.

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  • Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video shooting Fuerteventura is a service made by professionals, that will make great videos of you doing your favourite sport, or of your business, in order to get more visibility.

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  • Photo Shooting Fuerteventura

    Photo Shooting Fuerteventura

    Hire a professional photografer to catch the best moments of your adventure!

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Companies starting with I

International Surf School International Surf School

"10 facts about Fuerteventura : 1. Fuerteventura is the second largest place after the prestigious resort of Tenerife in Canary Island archipelago. 2. The island is situated only in 90 km from the coast of Africa “Morocco”. 3. The coastline of Fuerteventura is about 340 km, mostly it's the cleanest beaches of white sand. 4. One of the unique features of the Island is the wind that blows constantly and you can surf all year round. 5. The water on the coast of the Island is always warm and even in winter its temperature is about +18 ° -20 ° C. 6. Puerto Rosario is an administrative center of the island (Port of Roses), until 1956 called Puerto de Cabras ( Goat Port ). 7. Islanders decorate their car bumpers and almost every second car has bumper with the image of goat with inscription «Fuerte». 8. " Elneso - Makerere " - a goat cheese of local production, practically, is considered one of the symbols of the island. 9. One of the beaches in the south of Fuerteventura was shown in the famous movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." 10. The Island has one of the biggest cacti parks in the world, which collected more than 2,300 varieties of this " friendly " plants." content taken from International Surf School surf school official website.

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Island Boarders Island Boarders

"At the beach the group is arranged into a semi circle where they will undergo a surfing specific warm up and safety brief, where all students are made aware of the lesson plan, dangers and all the signals/commands used by the instructors. On the beach all parties are then introduced to the prone section of the lesson, where they will be instructed on how to enter the water safely and ride waves from waist depth whilst lying down on the surfboard into the shore. This is followed by the "drop knee" position before attempting to stand and ride a wave. At all times you will be made aware of all the coaches signals, directions and encouraged to ask questions if you are not sure about anything, your enjoyment, care and safety is our main concern At the end of the session you will be dropped off at the hotel/ apartment after you have had a chance to review pictures/ videos that have been made of the days surfing" content taken from Island Boarders surf school official website.

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