• Submit your school

    Submit your school

    Please feel free to contact us to submit your school. Please send your Logo and all school detail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us for an appointment.

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  • Apartments in Fuerteventura

    Apartments in Fuerteventura

    With our partners websites we manage some hotels, private Apartments in Fuerteventura and surf house.

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  • Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video shooting Fuerteventura is a service made by professionals, that will make great videos of you doing your favourite sport, or of your business, in order to get more visibility.

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  • Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean guide Fuerteventura gives you the opportunity to have a surf session with a local surfer, that will bring you to explore the best surf spots for the day according to your surfing level.

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  • Cleaning


    Our contact with cleaners and workers can arrange each type of cleaning or reforming for your surfschool, surfhouse or shop.

    Dont exitate to contact us for an apointment.

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Companies starting with K

K Lima Surf School K Lima Surf School

"Welcome to K-lima surf school! Our surf school offers professional help for beginner surfers, with qualified instructors, adequate and well-maintained equipment for all age and weight groups, and perfect knowledge of education and training.
The surf lessons are with us in small groups of max. 4 pers. (if desired also 6-8 pers.) held, so that learning can be customized.
If they want to find surfing or have a fascinating insight into the surfing world, they can inform us at any time at the surf shop.
" content taken from K Lima Surf School surf school official website.

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Kailua Surf School Kailua Surf School

"Established by ourselves, surf school “Kailua”, with professionally qualified teaching experience, stands out from the crowd with attention to every client, either small groups or individual work and provides very good results and also it's official school of the FCS (Federación Canaria de Surf) and FES (Federación Española de Surf)." content taken from Kailua Surf School surf school official website.

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Kohola Surf School Kohola Surf School

"Wave quality depends on wind and swell directions, tides, the size of the waves, and at the end it depends on the potential crowd factor. Your instructor will take care to avoid crowds and find ideal conditions to catch your first waves. Corralejo and it’s surroundings is the best region for surfing on Fuerteventura, and due to the large number of surf spots, every day your surf instructor will find one that suits to your abilities." content taken from Kohola Surf School surf school official website.

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