• Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean Guide Fuerteventura

    Ocean guide Fuerteventura gives you the opportunity to have a surf session with a local surfer, that will bring you to explore the best surf spots for the day according to your surfing level.

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  • Cleaning


    Our contact with cleaners and workers can arrange each type of cleaning or reforming for your surfschool, surfhouse or shop.

    Dont exitate to contact us for an apointment.

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  • Photo Shooting Fuerteventura

    Photo Shooting Fuerteventura

    Hire a professional photografer to catch the best moments of your adventure!

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  • Apartments in Fuerteventura

    Apartments in Fuerteventura

    With our partners websites corralejocheapaccomodations big we manage some hotels, private Apartments in Fuerteventura and surf house.

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  • Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video Shooting Fuerteventura

    Video shooting Fuerteventura is a service made by professionals, that will make great videos of you doing your favourite sport, or of your business, in order to get more visibility.

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Surf Soulution

Fuerteventura Surf School

"We have developed special teaching methods and use video analysis every day as we believe visual self assessment is the best way for improvement. Surfing is undoubtedly the most blissful experience you can have in your life. No matter what surfing level you are on, surfing makes you happy and takes care of your SOUL. …And no matter what surfing level you are on, we will take care of your surfing. All in all your holiday at surfSOULution Surf camp will end up to be the happiest week of your life. Fuerteventura offers hot summers and mild winters, the water is warm and it’s color is always amazing turquoise." content taken from Surf Soulution surf school official website.


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  • Corralejo
  • Fuerteventura


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Surf Soulution